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Madeleine Bong 

Yoga Teacher

About Madeleine

Madeleine was introduced to yoga at a young age. She has been fortunate to be surrounded with a family of yogis but found her personal passion for the practice after suffering from a spinal compression fracture in early 2017.


Yoga healed the physical, emotional, and mental pain from her injury, but her love for the practice grew when she found it was helping her relationship with herself and others.


Madeleine is originally from California, USA but made the big move to Melbourne, Australia. She has studied under the guidance of various teachers such as Duncan Parviainen, Leigh Roy Houghton, Duncan Peak, and Amy Leonard-King. 


With PiscesFlowYoga she aims to give her students space to dive inwards and focus on their breath with the intention to settle the fluctuations of the mind. By doing so, she hopes that her students can begin their own personal journey to find their true inner self. Madeleine loves teaching from her experiences and creates a safe environment for her students to play around with their practice.



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